Silhouette of Greek church bell against sunset sky

For all those of you who (a) have access to the internet and (b) already have, or can install, the popular free Zoom video-conferencing program on your computers, you are invited to take part (from 18th May) in an online video course on Monday afternoons at 4 p.m.. ( we hope this will be a convenient time for the many who are stuck at home in lockdown or have been furloughed by their employers ; we are conscious that it excludes people who are still working, from home or otherwise, and if there is enough demand for an evening course, we are happy to arrange it, but you will need to let us know). We are showing the four week series entitled “The Joy of Hope” produced by the Catholic CaFE  media ministry.THE JOY OF HOPE is an inspiring new course from the CaFE production team. Filmed on the stunning Greek holy island of Patmos where Scripture says St John had a life-changing revelation of our future eternal destination. Uplifting and practical insights into the joy of living now with hope in the future blessing of Eternal Life with God in Heaven.”

 Each film is about 23 minutes long and we will expect to follow it with an online group discussion,, lasting as long as people wish –  you can bow out whenever you need to. This will be a great opportunity to to catch up with some familiar faces from our congregation. Over twenty people from the three churches took part in the first two, on 18th and 25th May, which were much enjoyed.

Anyone wishing to join from Week 3 can view the first video themselves for free from the FaithCafe website where it is available as a sample. Deacons Paul or Brin will make provision to show you Week 2 if requested.

if you wish to take part, you will need the Zoom meeting ID and password, so please ring /text Deacon Brin 07931 607249, or email him on ; or Deacon Paul at JHN parish,