In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen

Unity Prayer: Enis
My Adorable Jesus
May our feet journey together.
May our hands gather in unity.
May our hearts beat in unison.
May our souls be in harmony.
May our thoughts be as one.
May our ears listen to the silence together.
May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.
May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father.

Litany: Litany For Peace In Troubled Times

Reading: Psalm 121 (122)

They filled me with joy when they said,
“We will go to the house of the Lord.”
Now our feet are standing
within your gates, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, built as a city,
whole and self-contained:
there the tribes have gone up,
the tribes of the Lord –
the witness of Israel,
to praise the Lord’s name.
For there are the thrones of justice,
the thrones of the house of David.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“Safety for those who care for you,
peace inside your walls,
security within your ramparts!”

For my brethren and those near to me I will say
“Peace be upon you.”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
I will call blessings upon you.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.

Pause: Before The Rosary a few minutes of private prayer for peace in The Holy Land

Rosary: The Luminous Mysteries

Music: M & B

Concluding Prayer & Blessing for Peace and hope: Deacon Brin