From 6th Dec – Sunday Masses : 9am, 11am and 6pm. Bookings required -see Covid-19 page. Mass is celebrated and live-streamed via YouTube on Tuesday and Friday at 0930, and on Sunday at 1100

Morning Prayer of the Church (Lauds, or the Divine Office) is again (from 17th May) being celebrated before the weekday Masses – 0915 Mon-Sat. Evening prayer (or Vespers) will be celebrated at 1815 before evening Masses when they occur. We shall not be able to distribute shared books, so anyone wishing to take part will need to bring their own book, or (even better) use the Universalis or a similar liturgical app on a smartphone.

From Sat. 1st May 2021, as a temporary measure to relieve pressure of numbers on the Sunday Masses as people gain confidence in coming back to church, there has been added a 6pm Saturday Vigil Mass which satisfies the Sunday obligation. Booking will be required. Do not get too used to this option or shape your lives around it, it is likely to be discontinued again from August, once we have been able to resume something like normal pre-Covid life.

While we are blessed to have a second priest, there is also a 6:30pm evening Mass on one evening per week (variable, see newsletter at foot of page). NB (21st May) it is unlikely that we shall be able to offer these on Friday evenings henceforth as Fr Daniel has begun saying Friday Masses in Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution, where a main part of his priestly ministry is meant to develop.

Sadly, we need to remind everyone that due to continuing Covid-19 rules, our toilets must not be used by parishioners attending Church. Please prepare for your visit as if you were coming to a venue without toilets.

RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION) -Usually 3 -3:30pm on Saturday afternoons, and other times by arrangement.