Faith & friendship groups

Faith and Friendship Groups
The Faith and Friendship Groups are based on the successful home or cell group structure. Springing initially from a series of “Life in the Spirit” seminars hosted by Our Lady of Grace, they are a key part of The Source  Community  structure but always consist of both community members and those who feel community life is not for them.
The Groups, comprising of 6-12 members, meet weekly at the host’s home or in a church. Each group meets at a time/day convenient for the members – some groups meet during the day and some in the evening. There is also a group on a Sunday evening especially for young adults. The meetings are Christ-centred, encouraging every member to participate, to mature and to minister to each other. They last for approximately 2 hours and are based around four components:
Welcome: Refreshments and sharing
— focusing on us.
Worship: Prayer with music, psalms
— focusing on Jesus.
Word: Study of scripture
— focusing on God’s word.
Witness: Practical discipleship
— focusing on our response
At present (Sept 22) there are three of these groups running :

Thursday evenings –  alternates on a monthly cycle between a house-group meeting at Dominic Mcdermott’s home at Downley Common, bring-and-share evenings at “OLG” in Booker, and Worship evenings at Booker.
Contact Dominic -07754 051840 or to find out dates or to go on his e-mailing list.
Sunday evenings – a “young adults’ group” (roughly 18-35 ) at Downley : meet at St Augustine’s after 6pm mass, lifts  given.
Monday mornings – after the 0930 Mass at St Augustine’s, in the Upper Room.