Local Parking Arrangements

Everything below reflects “normal” circumstances

St Augustine’s is situated at 24 Amersham Hill, on the right going up, just above the Railway Station. Amersham Hill is part of the main A404 road, and there is no parking on the road or pavements at any time. The church car park is small and easily becomes congested – unless you or your passengers have difficulty walking, it is best avoided at the main Sunday service times. We have reached an arrangement with the owners of nearby premises, so that there is now adequate parking for all attending Sunday services at the church. NB the former arrangement with the owners of the Old Registry building just down from the church on the same side, has been ended, and its grounds should not now be used for parking by Church attenders.

Click here to view a detailed map giving details of the additional Sunday parking facilities. 

On Weekdays – Funerals etc

– The private car parks behind the offices opposite are NOT available to us during business hours on weekdays.
Street parking (metered) is available within a few minutes’ walk in Priory Avenue, Priory Road, Rectory Avenue, Peterborough Avenue, Duke Street, and at a small Council car park in Totteridge Road (see map link below).  These are the only nearby facilities available for weekday funerals . The Multi-storey in Easton Street, a bit further away down in the town centre, is cheaper than the Station car park but may be just as crowded. Or, use the Park & Ride up near Junction 4 of the M40 if coming from outside the town.  

Details of  these facilities are on a downloadable map here. 

The following restrictions apply to the additional weekend car parks:

IMO (formerly ICWG) car park – Parking for Saturday events and Mass on Sundays 

MRIB and Amersham Hill Dental Practice – Parking for Saturday events and Mass on Sundays. Nb this car park had a pole barrier installed in Feb 19, but is still available to us, it is just that someone needs to go across with a fob and open it before the 9am mass, or any other usage-time.  Which has been forgotten once in a while – sorry !  

Please remember that we have the use of these facilities by permission of the owners, who can easily withdraw their agreement if they feel that we are abusing its terms. In particular please park only in the marked spaces and do not block in other cars – they may belong to workers who need access to the premises at the weekend.

PLEASE do NOT park on the pavement outside the church, as you will be forcing pedestrians out into a busy and dangerous road, and are liable to receive a penalty notice, And leave the entrance way to the church open, as some may need to leave promptly after Mass.

If you are staying after mass e.g. for tea & coffee ,  do first move your car if you have blocked anyone else in.  And remember that you may yourself be blocked in by baptism parties or funerals.  That is a risk you take if you leave your car here after Mass has finished. 

Thank you for your co-operation