Tuesday 7th July – Fourteenth week in Ordinary Time – MESSAGE FOR THE DAY

“And I will come to the altar of God,
the God of my joy
My redeemer, I will thank you on the harp
O God,my God”

Psalm 42 \(43)\;\4. Used at today’s Morning Prayer . Yesterday these sentiments were fulfilled for the first time in months, and will be again today. Praise be to God !

We established this page “to help our people through the difficult time when we could no longer receive the Eucharist or gather together physically as a community.”. As that time came to at least a partial end yesterday, we need to consider whether to maintain the service, which of it nature has to be updated daily. The statistics show that while on some days the page has had over fifty visitors, on some days no-one uses it at all. I will continue it until our first Sunday Masses on the 11th, and am willing to continue its upkeep until 1st August, when even those who are shielding are permitted to come out and attend Mass if they wish, but if I am to do so I will need to hear from you that you wish it to continue. You can e-mail me, or text/WhatsApp to 07931 607249, to let me know your views. May God bless you all – Deacon Brin

Online courses:- Our current offering, at 11:00 on Saturdays from 27th June-18th July Deacon Paul Priestley (St. John Henry Newman Parish) is hosting a Zoom Meeting for the CaFE Beloved Disciples course: ( Requires Zoom app – see below) .Contact Dcn Paul or Dcn. Brin for the Zoom codes.

Post-11am Mass “virtual coffee ” social time on Zoom, started 7th June at noon – see Fr Jonathan’s e-mail of 30th May, or the 31st May newsletter. The entrance codes each week will be the same, but, if you didn’t make a note of them, they were in the newsletter for Sunday 28th ; if you cannot find the item, text/WhatsApp Brin on 07931 607249. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, or needing help with troubleshooting it, click here.

Mass in your living-room…

While the Church has been closed, daily Masses from St Augustine’s have been live-streamed on YouTube – search “St Augustines High Wycombe ” from any YouTube page. Don’t forget to click “subscribe “, it doesn’t mean you pay anything but it saves the link for easier access later.  Each day’s Mass will remain visible after broadcast, though it takes several hours for the “recorded version ” to become available.

Streamed Mass has been at 9:30am on weekdays and Saturday, and 11am on Sundays . Fr Jonathan is considering, in accordance with the Bishop’s request, how often to continue this service for the benefit of those who will remain isolated for some weeks.

Doors open, welcome home !

On 15th June, we were able to open the church doors for the first time in nearly three months, for private prayer, between 5pm and 7pm, Around fifteen people came to spend time with the Lord in His House, and all the hygiene arrangements went smoothly. Opening times for this are 2-5pm Saturdays and Sundays. This will continue even now that we are permitted to open for public Mass from 6th July onwards. It may be of help to those of 70-and-over, and other vulnerable people worried about attending more-attended Masses.

* * * * * * * * * *

When we cannot gather for Mass

  • We wanted to offer this page as a resource with encouraging news, prayers, reflections and Scripture quotations to help our people through the difficult time when we could no longer receive the Eucharist or gather together physically as a community. And that is still partly the position. We are conscious that, even though limited-attendance public Masses can now resume, some people will feel nervous about spending time in an indoor space with others, and others still will remain confined to their homes because of their vulnerabilities. See above for a message about the future of this page
  • Pope Benedict XVI once wrote movingly of the graces that can go with fasting from the Eucharist. None of us have voluntarily chosen the present fast, but we can respond to it as if we have. Click here for that,  and click here for a note from Fr Jonathan on making a “spiritual communion”, when physical communion is unavailable, 
  • Also here is a leaflet with a format for a simple Prayer Service which could be used for a time of family prayer or in a small group or household. 

May we appeal to you at this time to remember the One Can Trust, who provide food and basic supplies to those in most need in our town. If you do go out shopping trips, 0r have a home delivery, do include a couple of extra items, – see their website https://onecantrust.org.uk/ for their current needs, and where and how to donate. (Many people are setting-up drop-off points at the frontages of their houses, so keep a eye open as you take your permitted exercise !) They have said that at this time, donations of money would be even more welcome that drop-offs offs of physical supplies. With the schools still not running at full capacity, children dependent on free school meals for much of their nutrition will be at risk (hence the recent Marcus Rashford campaign). And food poverty will only increase as many businesses are making people redundant.

Bulk e-mails

  • Fr Jonathan is sending out weekly bulk e-mails to all parishioners. If you are not getting these, it means EITHER that they are being diverted to your Spam/junk box, OR more likely that we do not have your current e-mail address on our mailing database – even if you know that you have given it to someone in the parish for another purpose. Please email to staugustines.hw@gmail.com, and if willing, include your postal address and phone number so we can update our records.