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1st April -  MESSAGE FOR THE DAY - 

"Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego ; He has sent His angel to rescue His servants, "
(Daniel 3:28)

Below are Fr Jonathan's  reflections on today's Old Testament reading - 

WEDNESDAY:   DANIEL 3:14-20, 24-5, 28

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – or as they are more commonly known, the Three Young Men in the Fiery Furnace – put their trust wholly in God.  By doing this, they knew that in human terms they were facing possible death for their disobedience to the King’s command.  ‘Where is the God who can save you from my power?" demands the King.
Their faith in God is not only because they know God can save them, for they tell the King ‘"even if he does not…we will not serve your God." They worship the one God of heaven and earth simply because that is what He is.  Their worship is not based on a mere hope for safety or survival.  They worship God because they know He is the one from Whom all things come.
When God saves them, He may also be considered to have saved King Nebuchadnezzar as well, for his wonder at what God has done changes the King’s own anger into worship and awe.  
Although we hope that God will do many things for us throughout our earthly lives, we do not worship Him because of these things.  We worship Him for what He has done and for what He has promised.  We worship Him because He is supreme over heaven and earth.  And while God does not promise us an easy journey, He does promise a safe arrival at journey’s end to those who are faithful.

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We want to offer this page as a resource with encouraging news, prayers, reflections and Scripture quotations to help our people through this difficult time when we can no longer receive the Eucharist or gather together physically as a community. 

The Church teaches that Christ is present to us in the Word of God.  So it is even more important, at the present time, to nourish our souls on Scripture. The website will give you Sunday and weekday Mass readings, plus homilies and daily Bible verses. 

May we appeal to you at this time to remember the One Can Trust, who provide food and basic supplies to those in most need in our town. If you do go out on one of your minimal permitted shopping trips, and can find a shop with any stock, keeping within their limits, do pick up a couple of extra tins, toiletries, and dry goods,- see their website for their current needs. They have said that at this tine, donations of money would be even more welcome that drop-offs offs of physical supplies. With the schools closed down, children dependent on free school meals for much of their nutrition will be at risk.

And while we are investigating the possibilities of live-streaming our own Masses, for the moment you can always take part in Sunday Mass by watching it prayerfully at the cathedral in Northampton - 8:30am and 11am on Sundays  (9:30 am weekdays). Go to

In his 2011 book "Behold the Pierced One ",  Pope Benedict XVI (when he was Caridnal Ratzinger) wrote movingly of the graces that can go with fasting from the Eucharist. None of us have voluntarily chosen the present fast, but we can respond to it as if we have. Click here for that,  and click here for a note from Fr Jonathan on making a "spiritual communion", when physical communion is unavailable

Also here is a leaflet with a format for a simple Prayer Service which could be used for a time of family prayer or in a small group or household. 

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24th March - Following the Prime minister's statement yesterday about staying at home and avoiding public gatherings, and in compliance with instructions from Bishop David and the Bishops' Conference, we regret to announce that St Augustine's  Church is now closed, even for private prayer. 

Fr Jonathan has now confirmed this in a bulk e-mail to all parishioners. This was his fourth such message ; if you are not getting these, it means EITHER that they are being diverted to your Spam/junk box, OR more likely that we do not have your current e-mail address on our mailing database - even if you know that you have given it to someone in the parish for another purpose. Please email to>, and if willing, include your postal address and phone number so we can update our records. 

29th March - Fr Jonathan sent out yesterday a fifth bulk e-mail with his Homily for today's Mass of the Fifth Sunday.

A special Urbi et Orbi blessing
On Friday, 27 March, 5pm UK time, Pope Francis presided over a time of prayer at St Peter’s Basilica,. The text of his address can be read here. You can watch a recording of the whole ceremony;here.  It is the first time in history that an "urbi et orbi " blessing has been given other than at Christmas and Easter.