Readers & Eucharistic Ministers

Volunteers to be Eucharistic Ministers for Masses at St Augustine’s would be most welcome and should, in the first instance, approach the Parish Priest at the Presbytery or Sacristy.  Readers for Masses tend to be approached by the Priest or Deacon. 

Readers would normally read the First and Second Readings and, except at the 11am Mass, the Responsorial Psalm between them and the Gospel Acclamation. Later they read the Intercessions (Bidding Prayers). Preparing the readings before you come to church is expected of all Readers. Preparing to read the Intercessions after you have arrived at church, especially if there are unfamiliar words or names, is absolutely necessary.

 Eucharistic Ministers would be called upon to distribute the Blessed Sacrament under either kind depending upon the need of the Mass.

Duties allocated to each volunteer are listed on a Rota Sheet relevant to each Mass, each weekend, and appear on the notice board in the main porch.

The Rotas are prepared by Mr John Eaves, who will normally send out an e-mail to all the volunteers to seek their "absent dates" a week or two before preparing the next Rota period. Rota lists are usually prepared two weeks prior to the end of the current lists on the board. Anyone not able to carry out their duty on a particular day should score through their name and arrange a swap with another if they can.

Contact Details
Contact :- Fr. Jonathan Hill
Tel No :- 01494 523969
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