Finance Group

Giving to the church
Our congregation at St Augustine’s has been a great support to the work of the parish over the years, and has provided the foundation on which our numerous developments and projects have been based.  A large proportion of our parishioners find it convenient to make their donations by means of bank standing orders, direct bank transfers or cheques. This has two advantages: the procedure is automatic and avoids the scramble for cash to put in the collection, and the parish is provided with a secure source of income.

High Wycombe traditionally has a mobile population with numbers of people joining and moving from the parish each year. For this reason it is important for the financial health of the parish that we maintain the level of regular donors.

I would like to learn more about giving regularly to the church
Please contact Deacon Brin who will be pleased to  answer any questions.

Gift Aid
The Government provides a special tax relief which enables us to claim back some of the tax paid by you and use it for the benefit of your parish. The effect is to increase any donations which you make by 25% - if for example you pay £10 per month to the church (£120 per annum) we can claim a tax rebate of £30 for use in the parish.
How does it work?
All you need to do is fill in a simple form and return it to the Parish Office. We need to assure the tax authorities that we can trace all payments made under the scheme, and for this reason we can only accept donations made by bank standing order, direct bank transfer or by cheque.
Will my tax increase?
There should be no effect on your tax liability if you pay tax at the basic rate of 20%. All that is required is that you pay enough Income Tax or Capital Gains tax to cover the amount of the rebate claimed by the church on your behalf. In the example above if you pay tax of £30 each year, there will be no further tax liability. When making this calculation, please remember to take into account all payments made to charities under Gift Aid.
I pay tax at higher rates
If you pay tax at the higher rates of 40% or 45%, you can claim a tax rebate. For example if you give £120 each year (£10 per month) you can claim relief of £25 if you pay tax at 40%. Many people find that they can increase the amount given to the church by including this rebate in their donation.
I do not pay tax regularly each year
You should not join the Gift Aid scheme if you do not pay tax regularly.

I would like to join the parish Gift Aid scheme
Please contact the Parish Office for the supply of the forms and answer any questions.

The Finance Committee is a small group of parishioners set up under the auspices of Canon Law to advise the Parish Priest on matters of finance for which he is ultimately responsible. Currently the Committee is in abeyance and will be reformed under the Parish Pastoral Council.

Reporting Back
Each year an account is given to the parish on the previous financial year, in both written and oral form.

Together in Faith
The parish had a successful campaign which raised more than £282,000 for diocesan needs. Just over £130,000 of this sum has been made available to the parish for projects approved by the diocese. Some of it was spent on helping our former priest Fr Wilie Strain with his retirement accommodation, in gratitude for his many years of service. . 

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