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Faith and Friendship Groups

The Faith and Friendship Groups are based on the successful home or cell group structure. Springing initially from a series of 'Life in the Spirit' seminars hosted by Our Lady of Grace, they are a key part of The Source Community structure but always consist of both community members and those who feel community life is not for them.  For more information about these groups and the impetus behind them click here. 

The Groups, comprising of 6-12 members, meet weekly at the host's home or in a church. Each group meets at a time/day convenient for the members - some groups meet during the day and some in the evening. There is also a group on a Sunday evening especially for young adults.The meetings are Christ-centred, encouraging every member to participate, to mature and to minister to each other. They last for approximately 2 hours and are based around four components: 
    Welcome: Refreshments and sharing
      — focusing on us.
    Worship: Prayer with music, psalms
    — focusing on Jesus.
    Word: Study of scripture
    — focusing on God’s word.
    Witness: Practical discipleship
    — focusing on our response

At present (December 2019) there are three of these groups running :

Wednesday evenings -  alternates on a monthly cycle between a house-group meeting at Dominic Mcdermott's home at Downley Common, bring-and-share evenings at "OLG" in Booker, and Worship evenings at Booker. Contact Dominic -07754 051840 or dom.mcd@btinternet.com to find out dates or to go on his e-mailing list.

Sunday evenings - a "young adults' group" (roughly 18-35 ) at Downley : meet at Church after 6pm mass, lifts given. 

Monday mornings - 10:30 - 11:30 at our Lady of Grace, Booker